Marthe Schneider is an actress, theatre maker, and one one of the members of playField who presents this TED Talk on behalf of the art collective. The other two members are Lana Schneider and Tim De Paepe. Together they create performances that encourage the audience to rethink their current social environment. PlayField explores the boundaries between actor and spectator. The collective has a predilection for technology, data science, sociology, and human behavior – topics that are explored by focussing on the spectator in a dramaturgy that combines reality and fiction. Projects of playField you may know are #2 BIAS and #3 RELAY (part of Big Data Trilogy) or I Remember. PlayField’s approach results in interactive and performative art where the border between the audience and the installation or play is removed. More often than not, this entails that the audience gets a hand in what’s happening on scene.