Liliana is a social and digital entrepreneur at heart. Even though she has several master diplomas in computer science, artificial intelligence, and business, her greatest school has been life. She loves travelling and getting to know different cultures. She has lived in four different countries (Colombia, Spain, Scotland, Switzerland, Belgium), visited another 20 countries, and wishes to visit many more. She speaks five languages: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Dutch, and English. Liliana was also the Colombian champion in 100 m hurdles, 4×100, 4×400, and pentathlon. She is blessed with friends and colleagues all around the globe, and she is grateful to all the people who have ever crossed her life: she is because you are. She is curious, creative, eager to learn, and she is passionate about several topics: collective intelligence, distributed systems, computer networks, internet of things, blockchain, open source, smart/agile cities, citizens participation, liquid democracy,, cooperative economy, holochain, self-directed education, non-violent communication, unschooling, world schooling, networks of trust, peer-to-peer networks, agile project management, sociocracy, human rights, children rights, human centered design, design thinking, gamification… Liliana applies her knowledge and life experiences to societal and digital inclusive transformation, and to peace building activities for kids and adults. She loves intergenerational working. Her personal mission is to create awareness of new methodologies and technologies that can enable the collective intelligence, improve our society, and increase the sense of co-responsibility in our communities. To build a better future with prosperity for all she has chosen to work and play with kids, and work and play with high tech.