Come Renaissance, Leave Baroque

2018 is the Antwerp year of Baroque. Baroque art was characterised as less distant from the user, more directly approaching him, solving the cultural gap that kept user and art apart. Antwerp epitomises the zenith of Baroque in Arts. Artists like Rubens and many more made Antwerp the center of Baroque paintings.

Flash forward to our current times: we are at the Renaissance of Technology. Technology is taking leaps and bounds and progressing in the same manner as Arts in the Renaissance. But still Technology is shaped and directed by a small group of people: Scientists and Engineers. At TEDxAntwerp we are pleading for a Baroque movement in Technology. Bridging the divide between the user and the engineer scientist. On stage are people who plead for the Technology Prometheus to bring fire to the user.

This technological era needs a place to settle and Antwerp is an ideal place to bring Baroque to Technology and enable a diverse population to define their own solutions to their own problems using technology. The city as a technology platform on which citizens can build their solutions and solve their problems. Engineers and Designers as hurdle-hoppers who will help where the citizens lack or the technology falls short.

Why do we need this?
How do we get there?
What are the broader social impacts?

Come and form an opinion but moreover create the TechnoBaroque capital of the new world with us.