TEDxAntwerp 2021

TEDxAntwerp 2021

2021 Edition

On November 27th, we will meet again! We are very excited to bring TEDxAntwerp to life again at the Arenberg. In the past two years, the world has changed a lot, and TEDxAntwerp is not impermeable to those changes.

This year we will have an afternoon event. We are going to be sincere, we were aiming at a full day event, but corona rules regarding food and logistics make it impossible for us to offer lunch. But do not be sad, we have not cut the number of speakers in half. We will have a total of 11 speakers divided into two blocks. There will be a 1h 30min pause in between so you can move around, meet and network with fellow TEDxers, and connect with our partners. The event will be in English.

The ticket sale is on! For this edition, we are incorporating a new type of tickets, the patreon tickets. Patreon tickets will cost 100 EUR. If you like TEDxAntwerp and have been following us for a while, this is the best way to support us. UPDATE: As of 26th November, the ticket sale is closed.

Why do we need your support? TEDxAntwerp is organized by a group of volunteers. We do not work for TED or receive any support from them, just a license. TEDxAntwerp comes to reality from the work we do selflessly. All the event expenses (location, production costs, the food that fuels the day volunteers, leaflets, catering…) are covered by our sponsors and the money we get from the ticket sales. To be able to offer affordable prices for everyone, we ask those of you who can and are willing to pay a bit more to allow others to pay less. And just to be clear: patreon tickets do not offer you any extras, they are just a way to show your support


The period from March 2020 until now has been an interesting one: we learned a lot about our society in the worlds largest experimental petri-dish. A lot of people took it as a period to wind down and focus on themselves and some people took it as a great experimental setting and started to explore and measure, and test, and poke. Everybody learned a lot, some about themselves, some about society, economy, and the planet. But now that we are trying hard to forget this time, let’s not forget our findings! At TEDxAntwerp we want to bring you some speakers who want to share their learnings and make sure that we do NOT forget them. Society is split across the lines of returning to the old and moving forward. Let’s listen to some of the ways that the virus showed us we can move forward and inspire you to forsake the old ways and adopt these brave new Viral Learnings.


What are your own Viral Learnings? Listening to our speakers, it is the ideal moment to reflect: what did you learn in these past months? At TEDxAntwerp we’ll have Deloitte facilitating the Student Talk Session in which you can share your key learnings, new habits you picked up, and discuss the impact on your work/study-life balance.

If you are a student attending TEDxAntwerp, register now (for free) 👉 https://bit.ly/3HyLpph
Three of our current speakers have published books and will be signing them: Toon Verlinden, Matthias Dewilde, and Michelle Holliday. Feel free to bring their book from home or buy it during the event.


12:00 Doors open

12:15 – 12:53 Conversation Starter

13:00 – 15:00 Block 1 Speakers

15:00 – 16:00 Break (Conversation Starter from 15:05 to 15:56 and Student Workshop from 15:00 to 16:00)

16:00 – 17:45 Block 2 Speakers

17:55 – 19:13 Conversation Starter and end of event


Arenberg – Arenbergstraat 28, 2000 Antwerpen


As per the new corona measures of November 17th:

1. A Covid Safe Ticket and an ID card will be requested to all atendees upon arrival. 

2. Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times.

You can find more info on the Arenberg policy here.

UPDATE: November 26th – Extra safety measures have been taken to ensure the safety of everyone. We will see you all on November 27!